Why choose Los Angeles Next

Los Angeles Next was established in order to assist international students and professionals during their transition in Los Angeles. Having a multicultural team, it did not take us a long time to identify the need for a service like this. We quickly put together the right pieces to create a perfect transition for students and professionals settling in Los Angeles. Living in LA is a dream for many and our goal is to make this dream come true. We were surprised how difficult it was for students and professionals to find a decent place to live without any established credit history or guarantor. Using a real estate broker is also a costly and unnecessary part of the process. The service we offer, on the other hand, removes most of the fees that occur when international students and professionals have to pay when settling in Los Angeles. We took advantage of our experience and network in LA to come up with a housing assistance that makes your transition to the city as easy and comfortable as possible.

The company consists of a team well-established in Los Angeles with a wide international network. This gives us the knowledge and competence to deal with both international clients and landlords in Los Angeles. We work closely with schools in Europe and companies like Uber, as well as several landlords and event managers in Los Angeles. We do our best to make the transition to Los Angeles as smooth as possible.


The apartment rental process in Los Angeles can be extremely time consuming and complicated for people renting for the first time. We help you through the whole process.


You do not need a Social Security number, an American guarantor or any payment history from the US to rent through us.

No broker fee

You avoid paying a broker to find an apartment for you. A broker fee is normally equivalent to one or two months’ rent.


You can contact us through email or phone at any time during your stay in Los Angeles.